Wear and Tear

Wear and Tear

I was taking off my treasured Michigan State Band jacket when I realized something that had never occurred to me: it was getting older. The white letters on the back were beginning to darken with dirt. High wear areas are beginning to blue, and the patches have a few stray threads poking out. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been able to don this jacket for almost two years now, and I am hoping for many more. It hardly feels like I’ve completed two years, but when I look back at what I have achieved it is clear just how far I’ve come.

I’m excited to have been selected as the alternate squad leader for the baritone section next year, and I look forward to more sub-zero practices in shorts with my band jacket for warmth. It has been an amazing two years at Michigan State so far, and I cannot wait to start back up for next year.

I will be playing the Mantia Believe Me If All Those Enduring Young Charms for my jury in a short few weeks, and I am ready to pass on to my next euphonium phase at Michigan State University. I am also please to announce that I have been awarded the Emil G. & Doris E. ELLIS Family Endowed Scholarship in Music Education. I am so incredibly honored to receive this scholarship.

There are so many opportunities this summer. I am looking forward to teaching private lessons, joining the George N. Parks Drum Major Academy as a full staff member, and working with an amazing marching band in August for their band camp.

Almost to summer break!