Year Two as a Spartan: This is my Place

Year Two as a Spartan: This is my Place

Classes are entering the third week. The Spartan Marching Band has marched two home games in Spartan Stadium, both with weather delays and both with victories. My parents will be coming up to see me perform next weekend. The year is moving along briskly as the weather turns to the same. It’s another amazing year.

Today the Spartan Marching Band performed the Spartan Marching Band for Kids Concert on a gorgeous Michigan afternoon. The event was well attending by Spartan fans and alumni. A great concert for a great cause. We played many SMB standards and patriotic tunes to a great audience. Another normal albeit wonderful day in the SMB.

Until at the very end when we were to perform MSU Shadows.

We sang first, and then played. And I had a moment I have had a few times.

I am so lucky to be here at MSU.

Watching the alumni young and hold join arms and sing the alma mater was just so special. “Tradition” can be dangerous when there isn’t purpose behind it. But at MSU, the tradition elevates and inspires me. The Alumni band performed this past Saturday. All these people marched where I am now. They played the same fight song. Spun the same S. Marched the same Series. It is unbelievable to be a part of the “Long Green Line” of the Spartan Marching Band, and a student of Michigan State University.

I have no doubt that this is where I belong, and I can’t wait to continue my music studies this year.

Go Green!