Spartan Marching Band Preseason Recap!

Spartan Marching Band Preseason Recap!

A week ago today I was registered for Spartan Marching Band Preseason Drills and had completed the first half day as a 2nd year, and veteran member of the ensemble I love. It was absolutely amazing to come back to the home I call East Lansing and rejoin up with old friends I gladly call family. I love the feeling of being surrounded by other passionate individuals determined to accomplish a common goal.

What surprised me most was just how much smoother the whole preseason went having a full year of experience. So much information gets thrown at you the first year, you almost have to just keep your head above water until a month or so later when you can feel your toes hit the bottom and begin to digest and internalize the manner that this band operates and performs. This year, everything came back like it had been just a few days since the bowl game: the horn moves, the technique, the Series…etc.

One of my favorite things though about coming back has to be watching the freshman class learn the ropes. It has been a real pleasure to march beside some new members of the band, leading by example and doing my job as a performer. I am so incredibly proud of what this class has accomplished in such a short time, and I can’t wait to see them continue to grow.

This year is going to present a many opportunities to expand my circle, and get better in a variety of different ways. I’ll be marching the C position in Squad 39 in the Spartan Marching Band, and will be playing euphonium in the Symphony Band.

I can’t wait to start my classes, lessons, and of course root for the Spartans!